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You should pay attention to the following points of pneumatic sanitary valve

Pneumatic sanitary valve should pay attention to the following points
1.Sanitary valve operators have to understand the role of each valve and valve position in the process piping, avoid the wrong operation, otherwise may form run material, mixing, pressure-out and other accidents.As a refining installation, steam purge valve at the starting line, a vent valve leakage after purging, as a result, the construction, the high temperature of 370 ℃ slurry discharge from emptying valve, form the fire, the introduction of installation.
2.Sanitary valve packing gland shoulds not be too tight, sensitive to the valve stem can turn the advisable. If too tight, it will increase the stem friction, increase the operating torque, etc.When valve working, general conditions can bring pressure to change or add packing, otherwise, will cause media reveal that provoked the risk.
3.low temperature season under 0 ℃, to stop valve, should pay attention to prevent frostbite, promptly open the bottom of the valve plug, the inside of the discharge frozen water.To cannot eliminate the valve to heat preservation measures and continuous work.
4.For the pneumatic valves which work under the high temperature, when the temperature rises to above 200 ℃, bolt thermal elongation, easy to make the valve seal is lax, demand response to bolt to stop the "hot", hot tight, unfavorable to the valve seated position stop.Lest stem to death, and open.
Sanitary valve leakage, should first ascertain the leak position and reason, two kinds of normal condition and the outer part leak, according to its external structure is divided into external leakage filler leakage and leakage of valve cover, valve body and leakage of sealing ring or lining materials, operating personnel should be very accurate, I can deal with to timely, cannot handle to repair timely.