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Working principle of the sanitary diaphragm valve

Which can be controlled by drive or by the handle for manual operation. Sanitary diaphragm valve is to use the stem to press the rubber membrane directly on the seat, to stop or turn on the vacuum system.
Sanitary diaphragm valve connection classification. Sanitary diaphragm valve has the connection form a looping flange connection, fast discharge flange connection, welded connections.Welded connection points welded type I link again (that is, on both ends of the welding), welding connection type II (insert) is welded at one end, the other end.
Sanitary diaphragm valve advantages. Due to the structure design, diaphragm valve can be used for super pure medium or severe pollution, very sticky liquid, gas, corrosive or inert medium. Combined with control equipment, diaphragm valve can replace the other traditional control system, especially applicable to solid inert medium and pollution.
Sanitary diaphragm valve characteristics.
Sanitary valve adopts clamp, it has simple structure, beautiful shape, quick installation, switch is quick, flexible operation, fluid resistance is small, the use of safe and reliable.All steel parts adopt acid-proof stainless steel, sealers adopt food silicone rubber or PTFE material, under the food hygienic standard. Widely used in food, brewing, beverage, dairy products, fine chemical pharmaceutical and biological engineering, and many other industries.