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The stainless steel sanitary butterfly valve application in food and beverage industry

The stainless steel sanitary butterfly valve application in the food and beverage instant water heater is mainly composed of heating trough plate, pressure sensor, power conditioning device, water faucet, inlet pipe and outlet pipe parts, etc. Including heating trough plate is the key to instant water heater parts. Heating tank by the slot of power, the sealing ring, cover and electric heating element.
Electric heating element, the trough trough plate, common also known as the hot water heater tank. Adopt stainless steel heating tube as heating of the hot water heater, cold water into the tank and heated directly through the stainless steel heating tube appearance.

Sanitary stainless steel butterfly valve is the instant water heater industry, using a heating mode.Sanitary butterfly valves (central soft sealing butterfly valve) is suitable for the requirements to seal completely, the gas leakage test is zero, the life the demand is higher, the working temperature of 10 ℃ to 150 ℃ in the fresh water, sewage, sea water, salt water, steam, gas, food, pharmaceutical, oil and all kinds of acid and alkali, and other thin wall pipe road.
Sanitary manual welding butterfly valve is not only simple structure, small volume, light weight, material consumption, installation size is small, and the drive torque is small, easy operation, rapid, and can also be at the same time has good flow regulating function and close the sealing properties.
When sanitary manual butterfly valve fully open, it has small flow resistance, when open at about 15 ° to 70 °, and can perform a sensitive flow control, thus in the field of the regulation of large diameter, the application of butterfly valve is very common. Sanitary manual welding butterfly valve plate movement with a wipe, and thus the welding butterfly valve can be used for fixed suspended particles of medium, based on the strength of the seal can also be used for powder and granular media .Butterfly valve is made open-close circular disc and with the valve rod rotation to open and close and regulating fluid channel of a valve.
The butterfly plate installed on the diameter of the pipe direction. Cylindrical channels in butterfly valve body, disc disc around the axis of rotation, rotation Angle for 0 ° ~ 90 °, rotate to 90 °, the valve is fully open.