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Stainless steel sanitary pipe fitting pressure calculation methodof formation and characteristics

There are some differences between stainless steel grade 201 and 304 sanitary pipe fitting pressure: in terms of strength (pressure) under high 201 stainless steel, because of the high 201 stainless steel Mn (Mn) content, high carbon and stainless steel 201, the two intensity (pressure) under alloy decision, good comprehensive mechanical performance is 304 stainless steel.But the corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel is higher than 201 stainless steel two class, intermediate and 301 stainless steel."Pressure to bear ability only depends on the 304 grade in pipe wall thickness" this sentence is right, upset.201 steel 275 mpa yield point, tensile strength of 520 mpa, the elongation 40% or higherThe yield point 205 mp of 304 steel tensile strength 515 mpa, the elongation 40% or higherThe yield strength of these two kinds of material is different, with the pipe, can use cylindrical calculation method for thin-walled pressure vessel: D/P * 2 delta < sigma tP: the pipe inner pressure and D: pipe diameter in the delta, the pipe wall thickness sigma t: allowable stress design temperature.Two kinds of material strength, that is, is not the same as the allowable stress, wall thickness, the stress is different also.If the wall thickness pipe pressure is big 304 material.Sanitary fittings pressure resistance is the first selection of high pressure air pipesThe stainless steel sanitary pipe fitting has high compressive strength, the use of a crystal and ceramic material, general small radius and ion high configuration.Number and nature of the decision, through the material and the compressive strength of the mold, generally on the limitation of the brittleness of ceramics itself well, within the scope of its limits reflect different variable.Conform to the material and ceramic technology development, science and technology progress has been through the improvement, the stainless steel sanitary pipe fittings have greatly improve toughness.And as a kind of expanding within the scope of application, the new ceramic material is a kind of chemical industry, at the top of oil used in the related field, very active.Some use their wear resistance and the parts with instead of metal.In recent years, the important development of the technology material market, different direction will cause their respective economic and social benefits to the society, the stainless steel sanitary fittings and its advantages and technology model through the use of parts damaged reasons, need to pass anticorrosive and sealing valve products change, greatly extend the service life of the valve.