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SS304 tube maintenance measures in daily using.

304 is a universal sanitary grade stainless steel tube material, usually used to produce good performance requirements (corrosion resistance and shape characteristics) of the equipment and components. 304 sanitary stainless steel pipe is based on the United States ASTM standard stainless steel production. 304 and 0cr19ni9, and the national standard (0cr18ni9) stainless steel the same. 304% 18% chromium, NI8%. 304 is currently on the market the most common heat-resistant steel, stainless steel. For food, chemical equipment, nuclear energy and other production equipment.
In daily life should also pay attention to maintaining 304 sanitary stainless steel tube.
For example, dust attached to the surface of sanitary stainless steel pipe, because the inside and outside is polished, easier to remove dirt, you can use soap to remove stainless steel surface dirt and grease, you can use a soft cloth to wipe clean with a neutral detergent. If any bleach and various acidic media are covered on the surface of a sanitary stainless steel tube, rinse immediately with water and then use a neutral detergent or water.
Sanitary stainless steel tube surface has a rainbow mode, because you use too much detergent or wash oil can be washed with hot water and neutral detergent. Stainless steel surface rust caused by dirt, can be used 10% nitric acid or grinding detergent cleaning, you can also use a special washing fabric washing. Using the correct maintenance method, you can extend the life of stainless steel tubing and keep it clean, bright and colorful style.