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Sanitary pipe hanger daily using maintenance procedures

Now sanitary pipe hanger is one of indispensable parts in many engineering and equipment, such as in food, beverage, clean sanitation, beer engineering, machinery, and so on industry. Though not a particularly important role, but also relevant to our lives. In order to prolong the service life of sanitary pipe hanger products, reduce the replacement cost, increase profits for the customer.

Sanitary pipe hanger factory specially produced the following specification and process, so that customers for routine maintenance: 1, to ensure the sanitary pipe support as far as possible put in dry place, if using a damp environment, should be closed. 2, in the process of transportation and installation of sanitary pipe support, avoid knock against, a scratch, damage on the surface of the protective layer, anti-corrosion layer. 3, in the process of sanitary pipe bracket welding, be sure to butt it for processing, clean welding slag, and passivation pickling, strengthen protection. 4, if found in corrosion, rust should immediately, and should not to be frightened by this trouble, or otherwise, without rust processing, in this way, the service life of the tube support will be greatly reduced. So, it looks a little sanitary pipe hanger, but for the project, equipment running well, don't cry because it is feeling a little parts, impact on the entire device has little to do, but in fact, the service life of any equipment, plant performance and profits, in every employee in daily to the factory, in all the meticulous care of your careful, for the factory to save more spending in the future.
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