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Sanitary check valve installation attention

By laying the pipeline sanitary clamped check valve should be paid attention to make the check valves can be installed through the direction consistent with the direction of flow in the pipe vertically. For horizontal pipe, vertically wafer check valves in health level between fast loading check valves and stainless steel butterfly valve using a telescopic pipe, don't directly connected with the other valves in the valve plate within a radius of operation, avoid don't add the pipe joint and clog in health class fast loading check before or after the installation of a variable diameter pipe near the bend when the wafer check valve installation. You should notice leave enough space when installing the wafer check valve in the pump export, at least six times outflow valve diameter of space to ensure butterfly plate in the end by the fluid. Sanitary quick install check valve is light weight, small size, easy installation between the flange, valve inside is composed of two semicircle spring and the plate, with the spring pins, the body deformation to close the valve plate, fluid pressure and its open spring deformation soon, so that can protect the pipes from water hammer damage.