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Sanitary ball valve temperature and pressure requirements.

Sanitary ball valve temperature and pressure requirements.
There is information show on sanitary ball valve label under the maximum and minimum operating temperature allowed by the maximum operating pressure.
If use PTFE or RTFE ball valve seat and seal material, other types of operating temperature of the seat and seal, should be check after may. Ball valve level of nominal pressure (PN), to show that the maximum working pressure in normal temperature condition.(for example: PN4.0, shows that its operating temperature in - 290 - c - 380 c when the maximum working pressure of 40 Bar (4.0 MPa)).

Electric ball valve or actuator attention see its corresponding specifications.Sanitary ball valves health high grade of products.
Sanitary ball valve is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and other industries. That is the level of health requires high places used by one of the valve pipe fittings. General purchasing food or pharmaceutical plant health level of ball valve is used for maintenance and related equipment configuration. Purchaser is basically the pharmaceutical, food equipment, system integrators and buy wholesale, etc. The strict requirements of sanitary valve generally need through the national CCC certification, the state administration of quality supervision bureau certification, the national drinking water management committee.