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Sampling operation of sanitary aseptic sampling valve

When the valve is closed, rely on spring tension or other pressures for thimble, the thimble sealant head pressure in the tank wall hole, to achieve sealing effect. If you need the sample, the sample from one of the mouth into the steam or other medium sterilization, indoor full of the whole sample and derived from another sampling mouth, after a certain time will make the sample room and after sampling function in aseptic condition, and then through the twisted rotating handle, shrinkage spring, relax the thimble, makes the sealant from open hole section of the tank wall from head, so that the sample from tank through the sample room, and from the sample collection. After using aseptic sampling valve, twisted rotating handle, loosen the spring, again through the thimble sealant head pressure in the tank wall hole. Access to clean water sample of the indoor residual liquid discharge, and then inject bactericidal medium sealed retained, for the next sampling.

Sanitary aseptic sampling valve can meet the food, biological pharmacy field and the special requirements of various kinds of medium, material contact part is smooth, seamless, automatic emptying handicraft fluid channel is also very suitable for the need of steam step it in-place cleaning, in the manufacturing process according to the FDA requires strict quality control,  the computer 3 d design, was made for the GMP requirements.