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Performance advantage of sanitary stainless steel three-way ball valve

Electric 3-way sanitary ball valve is composed of electronic type electric actuators and three-way ball valve, is a spinning class to cut off the regulating valve, has closed tight, compact structure, light weight, convenient maintenance, etc.Widely used in gas, liquid, steam, oil and other corrosive medium pipeline automatic control.

Two seat tightness tee pneumatic sanitary ball valve has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, sealed performance is good.It can realize the flow direction of medium pipeline switch.Also can make the perpendicular two channel connected or shut down.

Four seat tightness three way ball valve has a beautiful shape, compact and reasonable structure, it not only can realize the medium flow switch, also can make the three channels connected each other, now also can close any channel, make the other two channels connected, flexible control of the medium inside the pipeline rivers or shunt.