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Internal thread process methods of sanitary valve connections.

Processing of internal threads on both ends of sanitary valve with following two methods. Which method is more economic is according to the production batch and valve body size.
(1) The threading
On the plain lathe with thread turning tool car system is one of the most simple way.It is not restricted by workpiece structure and thread accuracy.And the cutting tool is simple and low cost.But car screwing the production efficiency is low, labor intensity is big, processing quality depends on the skill level of workers. Therefore, this method is only applicable to sheet small batch production.
(2) Tap tapping system
Size smaller as DN32 the sanitary valve body internal threads on both ends are usually used in batch production tap tapping system.If it is cast iron valve body, usually only at the end of the cone or a special tap, on engine lathe or tapping on the attack.Tapping the cutting speed for Y = 4 a commonly 8 m/min.When tapping the matters needing attention: tap and jaw had better adopt the rigid connection, so that you can avoid the waste caused by machine tool is not concentric with tap.Should be inspected carefully before they are tapping screw tap are in good condition, blade without collision or abrasion.If defects are found, should be timely and grinding.