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How to make the sanitary pipe fittings into matt surface

Sanitary stainless steel pipe fitting processing and shaping inferior smooth processing technology refers to the product to achieve uniform silvery white, colour and lustre is consistent, with stainless steel itself with metallic luster. This generally refers to the production of large stainless steel products, because of the large stainless steel coil plate, stamping, folding and welding processing and molding processing of workpiece surface of weld and grease, rust, macular both neither is beautiful, and easy to rust, reduces its stainless steel product quality and value.
For large sanitary stainless steel fitting after molding, products usually use inferior smooth processing, but also can be a first component pretreatment before processing, compound before you make the final processing. After this treatment can achieve beautiful and can improve the anticorrosion and its performance. Also can make sandblasting processing first and then pickling passivation treatment to achieve inferior smooth.
1. Sanitary stainless steel pipe sandblasting method
Mainly is the use of appropriate size and shape of the shot peening material do, do with centrifugal force or compressed air power, make the shot peening energy at a certain impact on stainless steel surface, the stainless steel surface to produce a jagged matt surface.

2. Sanitary stainless steel tubes chemical method
Using a non-polluting pickling passivation paste and room temperature non-toxic cleaning fluid with inorganic additives for baptism. To achieve the aim of bleaching processing stainless steel color. Handle is largely seems to be a light color. This method is useful for large, complex products is.After dealing with the above methods, the corrosion of the stainless steel products can be improved 2 ~ 3 times. Because the stainless steel is not rusty mainly due to the presence of chromium, nickel composition, again through inferior smooth processing, not only can eliminate the stainless steel substrate with rich iron impurities and surface layer, and can make the chromium, nickel enrichment on the surface, form a complete passivation film, good antiseptic effect.