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Difference between sanitary elbow and sanitary bend

The difference between sanitary elbow and bend as the name implies, on the production process is very different.The most basic is the difference between the elbow bend relatively short.R = 1 to 2 times in the elbow, multiples is called again big bend.Cold bending tube can be used in the manufacture craft in ready-made straight pipe with pipe bender bending, one-time completed without secondary anticorrosion.But the elbow to the factory customized, do anti-corrosion, ordering cycle is long.
Sanitary elbow price is lower than bend but it's cost performance is much higher than bend, not do the anti-corrosion treatment of damaged is known to ccba bend, but its because cheap in some demand is not high engineering use very much.
For example, now a project in the pipe is 1016 x17. 5, the design requirements when the Angle is less than 11 degrees with bend more than 11 degrees with roasted bend. The low cost of cold bend. Elbow manufacturers custom-made, anti-corrosion, ordering cycle is long. Cold bending tube can use ready-made straight pipe with pipe bender bending. One-time completed without secondary anticorrosion.Cold bending pipe construction technology has a standard oil. But open area with elbow bent pipe is ok, only consider the cost, sanitary elbow to be roasted, cold bending can be bended tube elbow high cost, of course. Sometimes narrow area must turn the elbow, such as regarding the section of pipeline, because of small bend radius of curvature, generally for the 6 d, and bend for 40 d.