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Stainless steel pipe used for seawater desalination project in Singapore

Stainless steel sanitary tube. As a kind of routine use of material in many industrial and domestic applications, the choice of stainless steel is obvious: it will not rust, under normal circumstances, it is a great strength, requires little maintenance.But if the stainless steel under the extreme operating conditions, can long-term reliability, as a kind of material, it is also a special stainless steel materials as long-term sustainable use.Little or no maintenance workers according to their own experience, which in turn affects the design and procurement department's decision, so only affect the normal production part design department and purchasing department.Long-term storage of radioactive waste, the stainless steel deep underground application, there are few select material can replace.
Currently in Singapore for a large project, is the deep tunnel sewerage system, fixed water treatment plant adopts the stainless steel pipe, as a high-end and currently in Singapore for citizens to provide a long-term sustainable future application project, this kind of stainless steel water treatment engineering decided the most desalination plants and other water treatment project as a specimen.
Singapore in the deep tunnel sewerage system.Its purpose is to provide water supply and drainage infrastructure, to Singapore in the 21st century.This project for a long time, will achieve in the next two decades, made up of two large, deep roadway crisscrossed the island, two deep sea water pipe straight into Singapore.The project cost estimate of $7 billion and a relatively large proportion, it will be a wide range of stainless steel giant project, for the tens of thousands of tons of stainless steel.Stainless steel products manufacturing and engineering completely made of 316 l stainless steel.